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ABOUT US and have serviced the growing - 13.2 million strong - union member population for over 25 years now.

We manage a database of over 15,000 union organizations across the United States. In doing so, we serve as the perfect advertising and communication platform for unions, businesses looking to utilize the vast union member demographics, and the political arena vying for the working peoples support.

UnionSmart is the only online union directory in the United States listing all union locals. We provide an easily searched database of labor union locals, including addresses, management names, phone numbers, and office map descriptions. UnionSmart also provides location-based - city and zip code - data on the number of unions, number of union members, and the amounts that the unions spent on vendor products and services within the search area.

With our proprietary internet marketing software we have managed to achieve a consistent #1 and top 5 page status for hundreds of thousands of keywords and phrases commonly used to find union specific information and services. Not only that, we continue to keep our supporters interested through a combination of online and print advertising campaigns with special, union-specific information and discounts tailored to the working men and women of the United States. This contributes to a growing number of daily visitors that consistently eclipse the 10,000 visitor mark.

Now that’s coverage you just can’t get anywhere else!

UnionSmart has been operating and serving union locals, union members and their families since 1995. The corporation has been working to further the strength, solidarity and communication efforts for labor unions and their members.

UnionSmart launched version 6 of our sister site,, and morphed into UnionSmart in July 2010. We are proud to be an American Union-based company and to support the American working families.