An Open Letter to President Barack Obama and Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in Support of Strong Affordability and Coverage Provisions in Final Health Reform Legislation

by National and State-Based Organizations

Dear President Obama and Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives:

The United States is closer than ever before to making quality affordable health care available to all families.

Yet, health care reform can only succeed if it makes coverage truly affordable for ordinary families who are finding it more and more difficult to get the care they need. Requiring people to purchase health insurance that costs too much and covers too little would frustrate the fundamental goals of health reform and undermine the public support needed to pass and sustain reform.

The House of Representatives has passed health reform legislation that would cover 36 million people, 96 percent of all legal residents. The House covers five million more people than the Senate. We urge you to support the coverage provisions in the House bill, so that millions of Americans are not left uninsured after the passage of comprehensive health reform.

On the critical question of making coverage affordable, the House legislation sets premiums and out-of-pocket costs at levels that are likely to be affordable to lower-income working families. The House does a much better job in protecting lower-income people. The Senate approach provides somewhat better protections for middle-income workers, but would require lower-wage workers to buy insurance that costs many thousands of dollars more than the House legislation. We urge you to take the best elements of both approaches to create legislation that would protect all families from costs they cannot afford.

The undersigned are not collectively endorsing or supporting every element of either the House or Senate legislation, but we are unified in believing that (1) the House does a far better job at extending coverage to many more people; (2) that the House sets premium and out-of-pocket costs for lower-income workers at levels that are essential to the success of health reform; and (3) the Senate protections for middle-income families should be included in the final bill.

Therefore, we strongly urge President Obama and Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to take the best elements of both bills in crafting final legislation that works for all families.


Signed by more than 750 organizations, organizational leaders, congregations, clergy and local and state elected officials, from 46 states, representing more than 100 million people.

National Organizations

Robert Restuccia, Executive Director, Community Catalyst
Ron Pollack, Executive Director, Families USA
Gerald Smith, Coordinator, Health Rights Organizing Project
Rev. Dr. George Cummings, National Steering Committee Co-Chair, PICO National Network
Andy Stern, President, Service Employees International Union
Rev. Thomas H. Smolich, S.J., President, Jesuit Conference USA
Mr. Ron Byler, Acting Executive Director, Mennonite Church USA, Elkhart, Indiana
Mennonite Central Committee U.S. Washington Office
Ms. Anastassia Zinke, National Council of Churches of the USA,
Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Union for Reform Judaism
Mr. James E. Winkler, General Secretary, United Methodist Church – General Board of Church and Society
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Victoria L. Kovari, Interim President, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good
Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Sojourners
Rev. Linda Hanna Walling, Faithful Reform in Health Care
Ms. Nancy Brown, CEO, American Heart Association National
National Council of La Raza
Mr. Jeff Blum, Executive Director, USA Action,
Mr. Richard Kirsch, Campaign Manager, Health Care for America Now
Mr. Deepak Bhargava, Executive Director, Campaign for Community Change
National Partnership for Women & Families
Ms. Tiffany Garnder, JD, National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
Ms. Helena R Berger, Chief Ooperating Officer, American Association of People with Disabilities*
Mr. Andrew H Mott, Executive Director, Community Learning Partnership
Mr. Doni Remba, Executive Director, Jewish Alliance for Change
Mr. Cliff Frasier, Faith Coordinator, SEIU Faith Initiative
Ms. Carol Regan, Director, PHI Health Care for Health Care Workers
Ms. Meredith L Dodson, Director of Domestic Campaigns, RESULTS
Mr. William E Arnold, CEO, Community Access National Network
Dr. Jean Silver-Isenstadt, MD, PhD, Executive Director, National Physicians Alliance, National
Dr. Robert Crittenden, Executive Director, Herndon Alliance
Romal J. Tune, CEO, Clergy Strategic Alliances
Ms. Heather Stone, Change That Works
Mr. Carl E Schmid, Deputy Executive Director, The AIDS Institute
Mr. William Arnold, Executive Director, Community Access National Network

Local, State and Regional Organizations

Mr. John Zippert, Director of Program Operations, Federation of Southern Cooperatives, Epes, Alabama
Mr. Kimble Forrister, State Coordinator, Alabama Arise, Montgomery, Alabama
Mr. John A Pickens, Executive Director, Alabama Appleseed Center for Law & Justice, Inc., Montgomery, Alabama
Dr. Marsha D Raulerson, Medical Director, Lower Alabama Pediatrics*, Brewton, Alabama

Mr. Dana Wolfe Naimark, President/CEO, Children’s Action Alliance, Phoenix, Arizona
Arizona Advocacy Network

Rev. Wendell L. Griffen, Pastor, New Millennium Church*, Little Rock, Arkansas
Mr. Rich Huddleston, Executive Director, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, Little Rock, Arkansas
Rev. Steve Copley, Arkansas Interfaith Alliance
Change that Works Arkansas

Faith in Action Kern County-PICO, Bakersfield, California
Berkeley Organizing Congregations for Action-PICO, Berkeley, CA
Fr. Manuel Villarreal, Priest, St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Fallbrook 92028, California
Rev. Jeffrey S. Spencer, Pastor and Teacher, Niles Congregational United Church of Christ*, Fremont, California
Faith In Community-PICO, Fresno, CA
Mr. Lee Penrose, President & CEO, St. Jude Medical Center, Fullerton, California
Rev. Drew S Nettinga, Associate Conference Minister, Northern California Nevada Conference, United Church of Christ*, Hayward, California
Ms. Sheila Jordan, Alameda County Superintendent of Schools, Hayward, California
Congregations Organizing for Renewal-PICO, Hayward, CA
Fr. Michael J. Mandala, S.J., Pastor, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Hollywood, California
Bishop Jorge Rodriguez-Villa, Protohierarch, Ecumenical Canonical Orthodox Church Worldwide, Huntington Beach, California
Mr. Robert Hildebrand, President, Greater Long Beach Interfaith Community Organization-PICO*, Long Beach, California
Rev. Anna Olson, Associate Rector, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church*, Long Beach, California
Ms. Lou Quitugua, Training Coordinator, Guam Communications Network, Long Beach, California
Rabbi Janet R Marder, Congregation Beth Am*, Los Altos Hills, California
Rabbi Adam Nathan Rosenwasser, Congregation Beth Am*, Los Altos Hills, California
Rabbi Stephen J Stein, Los Angeles, California
LA Voice-PICO, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Philip G Curtis, Director, Government Affairs, AIDS Project Los Angeles*, Los Angeles, California
Fr. Paul J. Bernadicou S.J., PICO National Network, Los Angeles, California
Mr. Arturo Carmona, Executive Director, COFEM – Council of Mexican Federations*, Los Angeles, California
Mr. Carlos O Ardon, Director of Community Organizing Department, Clinica Msr. Oscar A. Romero*, Los Angeles, California
Ms. Nancy Berlin, Director, California Partnership, Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Joel R Fleekop, Congregation Shir Hadash*, Los Gatos, California
Rabbi Melanie Aron, Rabbi, Congregation Shir Hadash*, Los Gatos, California
Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization-PICO, Martinez, CA
Rev. Timothy B Locke, Executive Director, Four Springs, Middletown, California
Congregations Building Communities Modesto-PICO, Modesto, CA
Fr. Robert B Moran, Father, Peninsula Interfaith Action*, Mountain View, California
Pastor Julie M Webb, Associate Pastor, Napa Valley Lutheran Church*, Napa, California
Pastor Geoffrey C Blake, Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church*, National City, California
Rev. Gregg L Brown, Pastor, Miracles of Faith Community Church(ELCA)*, Oakland, California
Rev. Dr. Leon H Bacchues, Associate Pastor, Cosmopolitan Health & Human Services*, Oakland, California
Fr. Jesus Nieto-Ruiz, Pastor, St. Anthony Catholic Church*, Oakland, California
Ms. Alice A Spearman, Director, OUSD Board of Education, Board Member, Oakland Unified School District, Oakland, California
Rev. Allison J Tanner, Associate Pastor, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland, California
Ms. Cary Sanders, Director, Having Our Say! Coalition, Oakland, California
Rev. Dr. H James Hopkins, Pastor, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland, California
Mr. Martin Martinez, Policy Director, California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, Oakland, California
Ms. Naina Khanna, Coordinator, U.S. Positive Women’s Network (PWN)*, Oakland, California
Mr. Christopher P. Dobbins, Oakland School Board Member, Oakland, California
Ms. Brook Kelly, HIV Human Rights Attorney, Women Organized to Respond to Life-threatening Disease (WORLD), Oakland, California
Oakland Community Organizations-PICO, Oakland, CA
Ms. Maureen E Brown, Religious Leader, Faith Works, PICO*, Oceanside, California
Mr. Ronald DiLuigi, Vice President, Advocacy & Public Policy, St Joseph Health System*, Orange, California
Ms. Debbie M Phares, Executive Director, Orange County Congregation Community Organization-PICO, Orange County, California
Mr. Pedro Toledo, Director of Government Affairs, Redwood Community Health Coalition, Petaluma, California
Ms. Lisa Hicks-Dumanske, Lay Leader, Woodside Road United Methodist Church, Redwood City, California
Mr. Marvin R Webb, Min., CCISCO Bethlehem MBC*, Richmond, California
Pastor Donald D Leeper, Senior Pastor, Sacrifice of Praise Church*, Sacramento, California
Pastor Charles Warner, Pastor, Sacramento Area Congregations Together, Sacramento, California
Mr. Al Hernandez-Santana, Executive Director, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California*, Sacramento, California
Rev. Catherine Kay Doyle (retired), Sacramento, California
Mr. Anthony Wright, Executive Director, Health Access California, Sacramento, California
North Valley Sponsoring Committee-PICO, Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Area Congregations Together-PICO, Sacramento, CA
Mr. Gary Passmore, Director, Congress of California Seniors, Sacramento, California
Rev. Lindi Ramsden, Executive Director, Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry Action Network, Sacramento, California
Mr. Gary Passmore, Executive Assistant to the State President, Congress of California Seniors, Sacramento, California
Reshma Shamasunder, Director, California Immigrant Policy Center, Sacramento, California
Sr. Maureen J Chicoine, Pastoral Coordinator, Our Lady of Hope Catholic Parish*, San Bernardino, California
Inland Congregations United for Change-PICO, San Bernardino, CA
Ms. Sonja Spencer, Board Co-Chair, Peninsula Interfaith Action-PICO, San Carlos, California
Ms. Christy Figueroa, Co-Chair, San Diego Organizing Project-PICO, San Diego, California
Fr. Robert A Fambrini, S.J., Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church*, San Diego, California
Mrs. Cristina Sanchez, Saint Jude SDOP*, San Diego, California
Ms. Kamal Muilenburg, Associate Director, San Diegans for Healthcare Coverage, San Diego, California
Sr. Pamela Clare Magers, Vice President, Community of St. Francis, San Francisco, California
Deacon Nathanael C Bacon, Archdiocese of San Francisco*, San Francisco, California
San Francisco Organizing Project-PICO, San Francisco, CA
Kyriell M Noon, Executive Director, STOP AIDS Project*, San Francisco, California
People Acting in Community Together San Jose-PICO, San Jose, CA
Rev. Jerry Fox, Pastor, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church*, San Jose, California
Rev. Steven Alan Pinkston, Reverend, Maranatha Christian Center*, San Jose, California
Belen Seara, Executive Director, PUEBLO Action Fund, Santa Barbara, California
Mr. Pedro Toledo, Director of Government Affairs, Healthy Kids Sonoma, Santa Rosa, California
People and Congregations Together Stockton-PICO, Stockton, CA
Rev. David L. Bennett, Senior Pastor, Central United Methodist Church*, Stockton, California
Ms. Anne Lewis, President, Faith Works-PICO, Vista, California

Rev. Matthew Converse, Pastor, First Lutheran Church*, Ault, Colorado
Fr. Stephen Adams, Pastor, St. Pius X Parish, Aurora, Colorado
Mrs. Cynthia C Djengue, MSW, UCH, Aurora, Colorado
Ms. Maureen Farrell-Stevenson, President, National Association of Counsel for Children*, Aurora, Colorado
Rev. Mark A Meeks, Minister, Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church, Bailey, Colorado
Rev. Robert Woods, Pastor, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Craig, Colorado
Rev. Paul Z Carlson, Pastor, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church*, Denver, Colorado
Rev. Dr. Vernon K Rempel, First Mennonite Church of Denver*, Denver, Colorado
Rev. Nelson Bock, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church*, Denver, Colorado
Rev. Greg Cummins, Pastor, Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, Denver, Colorado
Mr. Gordon E Duvall, MOP Board Chair, Metro Organizations for People-PICO, Denver, Colorado
Rev. Bill Calhoun, Montview Presbyterian Church*, Denver, Colorado
Ms. Jill M Lysengen, Volunteer and Programs Manager, Arthritis Foundation, Rocky Mountain Chapter*, Denver, Colorado
Ms. Dede de Percin, Executive Director, Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, Denver, Colorado
Ms. Gretchen Hammer, Executive Director, Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved, Denver, Colorado
Dr. Miguel A De La Torre, Associate Professor of Social Ethics, Religious leader, Denver, Colorado
Rev. Jacqueline Decker Vanderpol, Pastor, Central Presbyterian Church*, Denver, Colorado
Rev. Anne D. Dunlap, Pastor, Comunidad Liberacion/Liberation Community, Denver, Colorado
Rev. James R Ryan, Council Exercutive, Colorado Council of Churches, Denver, Colorado
Rev. Dr. Radford L Radfer, Interim Pastor, Interim Pastor, Central Presbyterian Church*, Denver, Colorado
Rev. Daniel J. Klawitter, Interfaith Worker Justice Committee of Colorado, Denver, Colorado
Mrs. Corrine Fowler, Economic Justice Director, Colorado Progressive Coalition*, Denver, Colorado
Mr. Richard J. Mauro, Colorado Senior Lobby*, Denver, Colorado
Rev. Paul Kottke, Senior Pastor, University Park United Methodist Church, Denver, Colorado
Rev. Dean A Woodward, Minister (Ret.), Park Hill United Methodist Church*, Denver, Colorado
Colorado Progressive Action
Change that Works Colorado
Rev. Dawn L Riley Duval, Minister of Social Action, Campbell Chapel AME Church*, Denver, Colorado
Rev. John E. Knutson, Pastor, Christ the King Lutheran Church*, Durango, Colorado
Ms. Karen Forest, Program Coordinator, Promoviendo La Salud*, Durango, Colorado
Rev. William Erik Karas, Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church*, Eaton, Colorado
Mrs. Betty A Harris, founder, Colorado Citizens Lobby, Englewood, Colorado
Rabbi Shoshana Leis, Congregation Har Shalom*, Fort Collins, Colorado
Rev. Connie R Winter-Eulberg, Pastor, Lutheran Campus Ministry at Colorado State University*, Fort Collins, Colorado
Hon. John M Kefalas, State Representative, Colorado General Assembly, Fort Collins, Colorado
Rev. Doniver H. Peterson, Retired Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Greeley, Colorado
Pastor Jose A Gonzalez, Pastor, Greeley, Colorado
Rev. MaryEtta V. Moore, Retired Clergy, Religious Leader, Greeley, Colorado
Rev. Sue Hoenshell-Brown, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Greeley, Colorado
Pastor Matthew E. Bersagel, ELCA Lutheran*, Greeley, Colorado
Rev. Sarah J Moening, Pastor, Lutheran Campus Ministry, Greeley, Colorado
Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship*, Lafayette, Colorado
Rev. Robert L Amundsen, Pastor, Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish, Lafayette, Colorado
Rev. Catharine Harris, Minister Emerita, Boulder Valley UU Fellowship*, Lafayette, Colorado
Mrs. Rachal M. Velasquez, Enrollment Specialist, Jeffco School Medicaid, Lakewood, Colorado
Ms. Kelly L. Stahlman, Stahlman Zoo Consulting*, Littleton, Colorado
Rev. Marc D. Genty, Deacon, Ecclesia Colorado (Common Cathedral)*, Longmont, Colorado
Pastor Joel W. Pancoast, Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church*, Loveland, Colorado
Ms. Brenda LaCombe, Manager, Pueblo StepUp, Pueblo, Colorado
Rev. Dr. Cynthia H. Chertos, Pastor, First Congregational Church of Silverton*, Silverton, Colorado
Dr. Robert B. Boeder, Field Representative, Colorado Council of Churches, Silverton, Colorado
Ms. Eva J. Henry, Councilmember, City Council of Thornton, Colorado
Rev. Julie Liggett, Peace Community Church of the Brethren, Windsor, Colorado
Fr. Martin Lally, Pastor, Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Colorado
Rev. Barbara Molfese, Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, Colorado
Rev. Ruth M Woodliff-Stanley, Episcopal Priest, The Episcopal Church, Colorado

Ms. Barbara Edinberg, Acting Director, Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition*, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Mr. James P Horan, Executive Director, Connecticut Association for Human Services, Hartford, Connecticut
Connecticut Citizen Action Group
Mr. Ronald McLellan, President, SEIU Local 511*, Middletown, Connecticut
Rev. John A Nelson, Pastor and Teacher, Niantic Community Church*, Niantic, Connecticut

District of Columbia
Mr. Carl Schmid, Deputy Executive Director, The AIDS Institute, Washington, District Of Columbia
Ms. Joslyn N Williams, President, Metropolitan Washington Council AFL-CIO, Washington DC, District Of Columbia


Ms. Mary Ellen Ross, Executive Director, Fk. Transplant Survivors Coalition, Inc*, Delray Beach, Florida
Federation Of Congregations United to Serve-PICO, Orlando, FL
Rev. James Newman, ACTION Network-PICO*, Gainesville, Florida
Ms. Laura Goodhue, Executive Director, Florida CHAIN, Jupiter, Florida
Mr. Joseph S Dobson, Coordinator or Volunteers, AIDS Partnership Inc., Pinellas Park, Florida
Mr. Brad Ashwell, Public Health Advocate, Florida Public Interest Research Group, Tallahassee, Florida
Florida Citizen Action Network
Ms. Susan P Lynch, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Florida Nurse Practitioner Network*, Tampa, Florida
Ms. Nancy Ratzan, Executive Director, National Council of Jewish Women- Florida, Florida
Ms. Judith Evans, Executive Director, National Alliance for Mental Illness- Florida, Florida
Mr. Bob Sharpe, Executive Director, Florida Council for Community Mental Health, Florida
Ms. Chrystal Hutchinson, Florida Consumer Action Network, Florida
Ms. Daniella Levine, Executive Director, Human Services Coalition, Florida
Ms. Cheri Wright Jones, Executive Director, Tampa Bay Health Care Collaborative, Florida

Mr. Larry Pellegrini, Executive Director, Georgia Rural Urban Summit, Decatur, Georgia


Rev. Carolynn Griffith, Minister, The Church of Keauhou, Honolulu, Hawaii
Mr. Drew Astolfi, Executive Director, Faith Action for Community Equity, Honolulu, Hawaii

Rowena Pineda, Idaho Community Action Network
United Action for Idaho


Mr. Jim A Duffett, E.D., Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care, Champaign, Illinois
Jay Schmitt, Co-Director, Gamaliel, Chicago, Illinois
Mr. Mark Ishaug, President/CEO, AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Rev. Kara Wagner Sherer, Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church*, Chicago, Illinois
Rev. Eugene H Winkler, Pastor, University Church*, Chicago, Illinois
Mr. John M Bouman, President, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, Chicago, Illinois
Rev. Dr. Dennis Jacobsen, Director, Gamaliel National Clergy Caucus, Gamaliel National Clergy Caucus, Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Faisal Qazi, President, American Muslim Health Professionals, Chicago, Illinois
Mr. Dan Kenney, Co-Coordinator, DeKalb Interfaith Network for Peace and Justice*, DeKalb, Illinois
Vincent G. Thomas, Roc Island Township Trustee, Grass Roots Organizing Works*, Rock Island, Illinois
Mr. Dennis D. Williams, Regional Director, United Auto Workers (UAW) Region 4, Lincolnshire, Illinois
Rev. Susan K. Wintz, BCC, President, Association of Professional Chaplains*, Schaumburg, Illinois
Mr. Michael T Carrigan, President, Illinois AFL-CIO, Springfield, Illinois
Citizen Action/Illinois


Mr. Steve Kozel, Sr, President, Calumet Project*, Hammond, Indiana
Change that Works Indiana

Dr. Charles Bruner, Executive Director, Child and Family Policy Center, Des Moines, Iowa
Hugh Espey, Executive Director, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, Des Moines, Iowa
Mr. Robert Gronski, Policy Coordinator, National Catholic Rural Life Conference, Des Moines, Iowa
Ms. Leigh Adcock, Executive Director, Women, Food and Agriculture Network, Gilbert, Iowa
Change that Works Iowa
Dr. Debra B Waldron, Director, Child Health Specialty Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa
Ms. Betty Ahrens, Executive Director, Iowa Citizen Action Network, Iowa City, Iowa
Mr. Christopher T Schwartz, Iowa organizer, Working Families Win, Iowa, Waterloo, Iowa

Pastor Shirley Fletcher, Pastor, St. Peter Christian Methodist Episc. Church*, Kansas City, Kansas
Ms. Corrie L Edwards, Executive Director, Kansas Health Consumer Coalition, Topeka, Kansas
Mrs. Leva L. Hudgins, NAMI Green River Chapter*, Campbellsville, Kentucky
Mrs. Karen Gardner, Executive Director, Tri-Generations LLC, Campbellsville, Kentucky
Mr. Richard Seckel, Director, Kentucky Equal Justice Center, Lexington, Kentucky
Ms. Anne Joseph, Director, Covering Kentucky Kids and Families*, Lexington, Kentucky
Dr. Sheila A. Schuster, Co-Chair, Kentucky Voices for Health, Louisville, Kentucky
Dr. Sheila A. Schuster, Executive Director, Advocacy Action Network, Louisville, Kentucky
Mr. Stephen S Zaricki, Executive Director, Community Living, Inc.*, Louisville, Kentucky
Mrs. Sheriall Cunningham, Executive Director, Mental Health America of Kentucky*, Louisville, Kentucky
Mrs. Yolonda K. Clay, Ambassador, Sharing Hope Ministry*, Nicholasville, Kentucky
Rev. Dr. Robert Slocum, President, NAMI Kentucky*, Somerset, Kentucky
Ms. Jamie S Burton, CEO, The Adanta Group*, Somerset, Kentucky

Ms. Rosia Metoyer, Executive Director, Alexandria Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, Alexandria, Louisiana
Dr. Alison K Neustrom, Vice President Public Policy, Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mr. Edward Ashworth, Director, Louisiana Budget Project*, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Change that Works Louisiana
Rev. Randy Nichols, Executive Director, Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless*, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mr. Donovan K Hudson, Louisiana Grassroots Lobby*, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Louisiana InterFaith Together-PICO, Baton Rouge, LA
Rev. Felton J Thomas, Treasure, Working Interfaith Network-PICO*, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mr. Moriba A. Karamoko, Director, Louisiana Consumer Healthcare Coalition, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Rev. Oliver Cyprian, Pastor, Living Word Family Worship Center*, Gretna, Louisiana
Mr. Rickey Hardy, State Representative, District 44, Lafayette, Louisiana
Dr. Corey Hebert, M.D., New Orleans Spokesperson, National Association of Free Clinics*, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mr. Jared Brossett, Louisiana State Representative, District 97, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mr. Winston J Burns, President, Minority Airport Operators*, New Orleans, Louisiana
Ms. Kawana D Jasper, Vice President, Mayday New Orleans*, New Orleans, Louisiana
Ms. Tracie L Washington, Managing Director, Louisiana Justice Institute, New Orleans, Louisiana
Judith H. Watts, President/CEO, Agenda for Children, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mr. Endesha Jukali, New Day Community Organization, New Orleans, Louisiana
Ms. Cherice Harrison-Nelson, Director, Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame*, New Orleans, Louisiana
Sen. Edwin Ed Murray, State Senator, Louisiana Senate, New Orleans, Louisiana
Dr. Pamela S. Nath, Community Organizer, MCC-New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana
Pastor Jean B. Kasongo, Executive Director, Reach for the Light Family Center*, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mr. Walter Umrani, Co-Chairman, Million More Movement of New Orleans*, New Orleans, Louisiana
Ms. Judith H. Watts, President/CEO, Agenda for Children, New Orleans, Louisiana
The Micah Project-PICO, New Orleans, LA
Mr. Sam L Jackson, Exec, Director, Mayday New Orleans, Inc*, New Orleans, Louisiana
Ms. Gail M. Hurst, Executive Director, Faith United for Empowerment and Leadership-PICO, New Roads, Louisiana
Rev. Tyronne Edwards, Founder/Executive Director, Zion Travelers Cooperative Center, Inc*, Phoenix, Louisiana
Bayou Interfaith Together-PICO, Thibodaux, LA

Mr. Joseph P. Ditre, Executive Director, Consumers for Affordable Health Care Coalition, Augusta, Maine
Mr. Christopher St. John, Executive Director, Maine Center for Economic Policy, Augusta, Maine
Ms. Ruth E Blauer, Executive Director, The Maine Association of Substance Abuse Programs*, Augusta, Maine
Ms. Sarah Standiford, Executive Director, Maine Women’s Lobby, Augusta, Maine
Hon. Gary T. McGrane, County Commissioner, Franklin County Commissioners, Farmington, Maine
Mr. Randall F Roberts, Retired President, Chase Home Furnishings Inc.*, Unity, Maine
Mr. Phil Bailey, Maine Change That Works, Maine
Ms. Jill Saxby, Executive Director, Maine Council of Churches, Maine
Ms. Sara Gagne-Holmes, Executive Director, Maine Equal Justice Partners, Maine
Ms. Kim Moody, Executive Director, Disability Rights Center, Maine
Ms. Juliana L’Heureux, Maine Association of Mental Health Services, Maine
Ms. Ellie Goldberg, Maine Children’s Alliance, Maine
Mr. Jesse Graham, Executive Director, Maine People’s Alliance, Maine

Ms. Kate Rollason, ARC of the Central Chesapeake, Annapolis, Maryland
Progressive Maryland
Rev. Lee Hudson, Director, Lutheran Office of Public Policy – Maryland, Annapolis, Maryland
Mr. Vincent Demarco, Executive Director, Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative, Baltimore, Maryland
Ms. Karen Elliott, President, Baltimore Ethical Society, Baltimore, Maryland
Miss Lynda M Dee, Exec Director, AIDS Action Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Dr. Dou Alvin Zhang, MD, Chinese American Doctors Association, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland
Mr. Kevin Lindamood, Health Care for the Homeless, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland
Mr. Izatta Spikes, Health Policy Director, NAACP Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland
Ms. Katie Coffey, V.P. Sales and Creative, Brickmill Marketing Services, Baltimore, Maryland
Mr. C.D. Witherspoon, President, African American Democratic Clubs of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland
Ms. Daphne McClellan, President, National Association of Social Workers – Maryland Chapter, Baltimore, Maryland
Ms. Kristine Dunkerton, Executive Director, Community Law Center, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland
Mr. Matthew F Celentano, Co-Chair, Medicaid Matters Maryland!, Baltimore, Maryland
Rev. Cynthia Ann Snavely, Minister, Goodloe Memorial Unitarian Universalist Congregation*, Bowie, Maryland
Rev. Katherine A Murray, Hope Lutheran Church*, Clinton, Maryland
Ms. Jody Oliver, CIO, Western Maryland Central Labor Council AFL-CIO, Cumberland, Maryland
Rev. Marvin M. Silver, Pastor, Amistad St. Paul United Church of Christ*, Lanham, Maryland
Sr. Kathleen White, Prioress, Benedictine Sisters of Baltimore*, Lutherville, Maryland
Ms. Rebecca Wagner, Executive Director, Interfaith Works, Rockville, Maryland
Ms. Kimberly Propeack, Dir. Community Organizing & Political Action, Casa de Maryland, Inc., Silver Spring, Maryland
Ms. Michaele Cohen, President, Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women*, Towson, Maryland
E. Barr, Maryland Academy of Family Physicians, Maryland

Rev. Jean Alexander, United Parish of Auburndale*, Auburndale, Massachusetts
Mr. Lou Malzone, Secretary, Massachusetts Coalition of Taft-Hartley Funds*, Boston, Massachusetts
Phil Johnston, President, Johnston and Associates*, Boston, Massachusetts
Ms. Maryanne Frangules, Executive Director, MA Organization for Addiction Recovery, Boston, Massachusetts
Ms. Wilnelia Rivera, Campaigns Director, Neighbor to Neighbor, Boston, Massachusetts
Ms. Amy Whitcomb Slemmer, Executive Director, Health Care For All, Boston, Massachusetts
Revered Hurmon Hamilton, President, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, Boston, Massachusetts
Rabbi Barbara Penzner, Temple Hillel B’nai Torah*, Boston, Massachusetts
Lewis M Finfer, Director, Massachusetts Communities Action Network-PICO, Boston, Massachusetts
Ms. Elizabeth L March, Executive Director, Children’s HealthWatch*, Boston, Massachusetts
Mr. Matt Selig, Executive Director, Health Law Advocates, Boston, Massachusetts
Mr. Neil Cronin, Policy Analyst/Advocate, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Boston, Massachusetts
Brockton Interfaith Community-PICO, Brockton, MA
Mr. Dennis D. Keefe, Chief Executive Officer, Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mr. Susan G. Epstein, President, New England SERVE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mr. Mark Simonitsch, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Epilepsy Foundation*, Chatham, Massachusetts
Ms. Debra Fastino, Executive Director, Coalition for Social Justice, Fall River, Massachusetts
Rev. Scott Spencer, Director, United Interfaith Action-PICO, Fall River, Massachusetts
Metropolitan Interfaith Congregations Acting for Hope-PICO, Framingham, MA
Kit Jenkins, Raw Art Works, Inc., Lynn, Massachusetts
Essex County Community Organization-PICO, Lynn, MA
Hon. Carl Sciortino, State Representative, Medford, Massachusetts
Rev. Jennifer JS Brooks, Minister, Nantucket Unitarian Church*, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Dr. Mary Beth Miotto, General Pediatrician, Northborough, Massachusetts
Mr. Durrell Fox, NEHEC Project Director, New England HIV Education Consortium*, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Hon. John W Scibak, State Representative, Massachusetts House of Representatives, South Hadley, Massachusetts
Ms. Caroline Murray, Executive Director, Alliance to Develop Power, Springfield, Massachusetts
Ms. Carol A Breed, WIC Program, Woburn, Massachusetts
Mr. John G. O’Brien, President and CEO, UMass Memorial Health Care*, Worcester, Massachusetts
Deacon Theodore E Lukac, Massachusetts
Rev. Courtney Davis- Shoemaker, Assistant Priest, St. Stephen’s Memorial Episcopal Church*, Massachusetts
Hon. Patricia Jehlen, Senator, Massachusetts State Senate, Massachusetts
Ms. Kathleen Bitetti, Co-Founder,, Massachusetts

Mr. Gary Benjamin, Staff Attorney, Michigan Legal Services, Detroit, Michigan
Sr. Mary Ellen Howard, Executive Director, Cabrini Clinic*, Detroit, Michigan
Rev. Claudia Hollinger, Flint Area Congregations Together-PICO, Flint, Michigan
Rev. Vernon Hoffman, Founder, The MICAH Center*, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Rev. Amy L Terhune, Pastor, Hancock First United Methodist Church*, Hancock, Michigan
Mr. Stanley N Turner, Democratic Precinct Delegate*, Lennon, Michigan
Mrs. Marjorie Mitchell, Executive Director, Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network*, Livonia, Michigan
Ms. Terri L. Stangl, Executive Director, Center for Civil Justice, Saginaw, Michigan
Michigan Citizen Action

Mr. Vic Rosenthal, Executive Director, Jewish Community Action, Minnesota
Ms. Linda Hamilton, President, Minnesota Nurses Association, Minnesota
Eliot Seide, Executive Director, AFSCME Council 5, Minnesota
Mr. Grant Stevenson, President, ISAIAH, Minnesota
Ms. Julie Schnell, President, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, Minnesota
Mr. Dan McGrath, Executive Director, Take Action Minnesota, Minnesota

Ms. Linda Dixon Rigsby, Staff Attorney/Healthcare Advocate, Mississippi Center for Justice, Jackson, Mississippi
Wilhelmina C Mccullough, Benefit’s Specialist, Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities*, Jackson, Mississippi

Ms. Connie J Cunningham, Executive Director, Missouri Family Health Council, Jefferson City, Missouri
Mrs. Susan L Pijut, Board of Directors, Families as Advocates, Jefferson City, Missouri
Ms. Andrea J. Routh, Executive Director, Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance, Jefferson City, Missouri
Rev. Rayfield Burns, Outreach Commissioner, Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church*, Kansas City, Missouri
Sr. Jeanne Christensen, RSM, Sisters of Mercy, Kansas City, Missouri
Hon. Mike Talboy, State Representative, Missouri House of Representatives, Kansas City, Missouri
Ms. Susan McLoughlin, Executive Director, Mother & Child Health Coalition, Kansas City, Missouri
Hon. Theresa Garza Ruiz, Legislator, Jackson County Legislasture, Kansas City, Missouri
Rev. Dale E Shotts, Director, Social Justice Ministry, St Luke’s United Methodist*, Kansas City, Missouri
Deacon Eva K Schulte, Executive Director, Communities Creating Opportunity-PICO, Kansas City, Missouri
Robin Acree, Executive Director, GRO – Grass Roots Organizing, Mexico, Missouri
Rev. Donald G. Love, Retired Pastor, Abiding Peace Lutheran Church*, North Kansas City, Missouri
Sr. Mary Whited, Superior, Leadership Team of the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood*, O’Fallon. MO, O’Fallon, Missouri
Mrs. Leslie E Andrews, Case Manager, ILCSEMO*, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Mrs. Brandy J Kearbey, Case Manager, Independant Living Center of SouthEast Missouri*, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Mrs. Lisa Holmes, Supervisor, Independent Living Center Of Southeast Missouri*, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Mr. Gary Maddox, Executive Director, Southwest Center for Independent Living*, Springfield, Missouri
Pastor Bryan W Mann, Northside 7th-day Adventist Church*, St Louis, Missouri
Mr. Gerald Greiman, President, Jewish Community Relations Council of St. Louis, St Louis, Missouri
Silea, Advocacy Facilitator, Lutheran Family and Children’s Services of Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri
Ms. Amy L Blouin, Executive Director, Missouri Budget Project, St. Louis, Missouri
Ms. Colleen Carpenter, Coordinator, Missouri AIDS Task Force*, St. Louis, Missouri
Mr. Jesse Swanigan, Chair, Social Witness Policy Action Team, Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy, UPUSA, St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. Lynne M Cooper, President, Doorways*, St. Louis, Missouri
Ms. Julie Burkhart, Executive Director, Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition, Missouri

Ms. Cheryl Christman, Sweet Grass Health and Wellness Foundation, Big Timber, Montana
Hon. Robyn Driscoll, Representative, Montana House of Representatives, Billings, Montana
Ms. Jen Hensley, Montana State Field Director, Montana Change that Works, Billings, Montana
Hon. Margaret MacDonald, State Legislator, HD 54, Billings, Montana
Pastor Jean Larson, Our Saviors Lutheran Church*, Bonner, Montana
Hon. Bob Hawks, State Legislator, SD 33, Bozeman, Montana
Hon. Steve Gallus, State Legislator, State Legislator, SD 37, Butte, Montana
Ms. Sandy Courtnage, Communications Director, Montana Farmers Union, Great Falls, Montana
Ms. Kim Abbott, Montana Human Rights Network, Helena, Montana
Ms. Barbara Rusmore, Montana Food System Council, Helena, Montana
Hon. Christine Kaufmann, State Legislator, SD 41, Helena, Montana
Ms. Amanda Harrow, Businesses for a Healthy Montana, Helena, Montana
Jonda Crosby, Alternative Energy Resources Organization, Helena, Montana
Ms. Genevieve de Alva King, Executive Director, Sustainable Business Council, Missoula, Montana
Ms. Jamie Silberberger, Campaign Manager, Women’s Voices for the Earth, Missoula, Montana
Mr. Mark Vander Meer, Vander Meer’s Wildland Conservation Services, Missoula, Montana
Hon. Sue Malek, State Legislator, State Legislator, HD 98, Missoula, Montana
Ms. Terry Kendrick, Director of Organizational Development, Montana Women Vote, Missoula, Montana
Ms. Molly Moody, Montana State Director, Montana Health Care for America Now, Missoula, Montana
Ms. Kate Bradford, Director of Public Policy, Montana Food Bank Network, Missoula, Montana
Terri Roberts, Board Member, Missoula Community Food Co-op, Board of Directors, Missoula, Montana
Hon. Michele Reinhart, State Legislator, HD 97, Missoula, Montana
Mr. Matthew Hisel, Home Resource, Missoula, Montana
Mr. Steve Loken, Loken Builders, Missoula, Montana
Hon. Dick Barrett, State Legislator, HD 93, Missoula, Montana
Hon. Betsy Hands, State Legislator, State Legislator, Missoula, Montana
Hon. John Fleming, State Legislator, HD 12, Saint Ignatius, Montana
Hon. Julie French, State Legislator, HD 36, Scobey, Montana

Ms. Rebecca L Gould, Executive Director, Nebraska Appleseed Center for Law in the Public Interest, Lincoln, Nebraska
Terry Werner, Executive Director, Nebraska Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers*, Lincoln, Nebraska
Mr. Tim Rinne, State Coordinator, Nebraskans for Peace, Lincoln, Nebraska
Mr. Chuck Hassebrook, Executive Director, Center for Rural Affairs, Lyons, Nebraska
Sr. Karen M Donahue, RSM, Justice Team, Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Community, Omaha, Nebraska
Ms. Jennifer Carter, Director, Change that Works Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska
Rev. Debra K McKnight, Associate Pastor, First United Methodist Church Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska
Mr. A’Jamal Byndon, Director of Advocacy, Catholic Social Services*, Omaha, Nebraska

Bob Fulkerson, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada
Rota Rosaschi, Executive Director, Nevada Public Health Foundation*, Carson City, Nevada
Ms. Daniele Dreitzer, Executive Director, Henderson Allied Community Advocates DBA HopeLink*, Henderson, Nevada
Ms. Marcia O’Malley, Executive Director, Family TIES of Nevada*, Las Vegas, Nevada
Ms. Louise Helton, State Director, Communities In Schools of Nevada*, Las Vegas, Nevada
Ms. Nancy Whitman, Director, Nevada Covering Kids and Families*, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mrs. Debra “Sam” King, President, League of Women Voters of Nevada*, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mrs. Anita Stephens, President, Clark County Foster Parent Association*, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mr. Thomas M Durante, LCSW, President, Nevada Chapter, National Association of Social Workers, Reno, Nevada
Mr. Jon Sasser, Chair, NV Lawyers for Progressive Policy*, Reno, Nevada
Ms. Misty V Allen, NICREP, Nevada

New Hampshire
Rev. Dwight S. Haynes, Pastor, United Methodist Church*, Concord, New Hampshire
Mr. Thomas G. Bunnell, Policy Director, NH Voices for Health, Concord, New Hampshire
Rev. William E Exner, Goffstown, New Hampshire
Ms. Katherine Klem, Political & Legislative Field Director, NH AFL-CIO, Hooksett, New Hampshire
Ms. Kaley M Lentini, Granite State Organizing Project, Manchester, New Hampshire
Ms. Deborah Young-Kroeger, Granite State Organizing Project and Member, Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Milford*, Milford, New Hampshire
New Hampshire Citizens Alliance for Action
Dr. Wendy R Gladstone, MD, New Hampshire
Change that Works New Hampshire

New Jersey
PICO New Jersey-PICO
Fr. William J. Weiksnar, Pastor, St. Anthony of Padua Church*, Camden, New Jersey
Camden Churches Organized for People-PICO, Camden, NJ
Ms. Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, Executive Director, New Jersey Citizen Action, Camden, New Jersey
Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz, Rabbi, Congregation M’kor Shalom, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Hon. Wayne Smith, Mayor, Mayor, Irvington, New Jersey
Dr. Brian W Bussey, Assistant Treasurer, Vestry, Kinnelon, New Jersey
Rev. Jeffrey A Vamos, Pastor, The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville*, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Hon. Vic DeLuca, Mayor, Mayor, Maplewood, New Jersey
Rev. Laurence E. Miller, Pastor, Retired Pastor, Mt. Holly, New Jersey
Ms. Catherine Furlani, Director, Archdiocese of Newark / Human Concerns Office, Newark, New Jersey
Rev. Reginald Jackson, St. Matthew A.M.E. Church, Newark, New Jersey
Ms. Diana MTK Autin, Executive Co-Director, Statewide Parent Advocacy Network of New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey
Rev. H. Wayne Brady, Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church*, Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Rev. Bruce Davidson, Lutheran Office of Governmental Ministry of NJ, Trenton, New Jersey
Mr. Daniel Santo Pietro, Executive Director, Hispanic Directors Association of New Jersey, Various, New Jersey
Ms. Jean Pierce, Health Professionals and Allied Employees, New Jersey
Mr. Drew Harris, NJ Public Health Institute, New Jersey
Mr. Art Kasoff, NJ Elder Rights Alliance, New Jersey

New Mexico
Hon. Dede Feldman, NM Senator, New Mexico State Senator, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mr. Robby Rodriguez, Executive Director, SouthWest Organizing Project, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Ms. Barbara Kaye Webber, Executive Director, Health Action New Mexico, Bernailillo, New Mexico
Ms. Evelyn M Cole, Health Action for New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Rev. Dr. Holly Beaumont, Legislative Advocate, New Mexico Conference of Churches*, Santa Fe, New Mexico

New York
Mr. John W Kemp, Chairperson, Brooklyn Congregations United-PICO, Brooklyn, New York
Rev. David H Rommereim, Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd*, Brooklyn, New York
Rev. Janis Pauliks, Pastor, Russian Language Ministry of The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church*, Brooklyn, New York
Ms. Rona Taylor, National Women and AIDS Collective*, Brooklyn, New York
Rev. Dr. Patricia Haggler, Assistant Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church of Corona, Corona, New York
Rev. Dr. Lancelot Waldron, Chair, Queens Congregations United for Action-PICO, Corona, New York
Rabbi Michael E. Feinberg, Executive Director, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition, New York, New York
Laura Vasquez, Executive Director, North West Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, New York, New York
Mr. David Jones, Community Service Society, New York, New York
Ms. Elisabeth R Benjamin, Vice President, Health Initiatives, Health Care for All New York, New York, New York
Ms. Emma A Missouri, Administator, Rabbis for Human Rights-North America*, New York, New York
Ms. Lois Uttley, Raising Women’s Voices for the Health Care We Need, New York, New York
Mr. Mark Hannay, Director, Metro New York Health Care for All Campaign, New York, New York
Ms. Heidi Jane Siegfried, Program Director, New Yorkers for Accessible Health Coverage, New York, NY, New York
Rev. Dr. Lancelot Waldron, Pastor, Westbury Community Church, Westbury, New York
Citizen Action of New York

North Carolina
Pat McCoy, Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, North Carolina
Rev. William M. Jordan, III, Pastor, Rockwell AME Zion Church*, Charlotte, North Carolina
Fr. William V Livingston, Rector, St. Alban’s*, Hickory, North Carolina
Mr. J. George Reed, Executive Director, North Carolina Council of Churches, Raleigh, North Carolina
Mr. Adam Searing, Project Director, North Carolina Justice Center, Raleigh, North Carolina
Mr. Tom Vitaglione, Senior Fellow in Health, Action for Children North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina

North Dakota
Sr. Maris Stella Korb, Director of P & J Center, Presentation Peace & Justice Center*, Fargo, North Dakota
Hon. Tim Mathern, Senator, Senator Tim Mathern, Fargo, North Dakota
Pastor Karl Limvere, Pastor, Zion United Church of Christ*, Medina, North Dakota
Change that Works North Dakota, Bismark, North Dakota

Lynn Williams, Contact Center, Cincinatti, Ohio
Mr. Paul Graham, Director, AMOS, Cincinnati, Ohio
Jean Therrien, Neighborhood Family Practice, Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio
Mrs. Jessica Gupta, Director of Public Policy, AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio
Ms. Rowena Ventura, We Are the Uninsured, Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio
Mr. Trevelle Harp, Director, Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope (NOAH), Cleveland
Ms. Lisa M Hamler-Fugitt, Executive Director, Ohio Association of Second Harvest Food Banks*, Columbus, Ohio
Ms. Cynthia M Webb, Executive Director, National Association of Social Workers*, Ohio Chapter, Columbus, Ohio
Ms. Betsy Johnson, Asst. Ex. Director, NAMI Ohio, Columbus, Ohio
Mr. David Friesner, President, Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans, Columbus, Ohio
Ms. Charletta B Tavares, Chair Health, Housing and Human Services, Columbus City Council, Columbus, Ohio
Ms. Ginnie Vogts, RESULTS Columbus, Columbus, Ohio
Mr. Bill Faith, Executive Director, Coalition on Homelessness & Housing in Ohio, Columbus, Ohio
Hon. Capri Cafaro, State Senator, Senator Capri S. Cafaro, Hubbard, Ohio
Ms. Karen Krause, Toledo Area Jobs with Jusice, Toledo, Ohio
Mr. Kirk Noden, Executive Director, Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative, Youngstown, Ohio
Lynn Williams, Ohio Empowerment Coalition, Ohio
Ms. Bev Johnson, Cerebral Palsy Association of Ohio, Ohio
Mr. Mark Dlemer, We Believe Ohio, Ohio
Mr. Col Owens, Legal Aid of Southwest Ohio, Ohio
Mr. Brian Rothenberg, Executive Director, ProgressOhio, Ohio
Ms. Cathy Levine, Executive Director, UHCAN Ohio, Ohio
Bobbie L Celeste, Ohio Psychological Association, Ohio
Progress Ohio

Ms. Jo Ann A Bowman, Executive Director, Oregon Action*, Portland, Oregon
Mr. John Mullin, Co-Chair, Human Services Coalition of Oregon*, Portland, Oregon
Ms. Christine Chin Ryan, Chair, Oregon Small Business Healthcare Initiative*, Portland, Oregon
Mr. BJ Cavnor, Public Policy Coordinator, Cascade AIDS Project*, Portland, Oregon
Mr. Bob Joondeph, Executive Director, Disability Rights Oregon, Portland, Oregon
Mr. Paul Krissel, Board Chair, Oregon Health Action Campaign, Portland, Oregon
Dr. Sandra Hernandes, Executive Director, THE-TREE Institute*, Portland, Oregon
Mr. Richard A Bruno, Medical student, Physicians for a National Health Program*, Oregon Health & Science University medical student chapter, Portland, Oregon
Ms. Elizabeth Baxter, Executive Director, The Archimedes Movement, Portland, Oregon
Betsy Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good, Portland, Oregon
Ms. Jennifer Pratt, Oregon Primary Care Association, Portland, Oregon
Ms. Janet W. Bauer, Policy Analyst, Oregon Center for Public Policy, Silverton, Oregon
Mr. Andrew Plambeck, Organizer, Oregon Small Business Council, Oregon
Ms. Betty Johnson, Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates, Oregon

Rev. Richard B Baumann, Pastor, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church*, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Rev. Dr. Katherine E. Brearley, Executive Director, Congregations United for Neighborhood Action-PICO*, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Rev. John C Richter, Vice President/Church Relations, Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries*, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Rev. Dr. Dennis S. Ritter, President and CEO, Lutheran Congregational*, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Dr. Richard M Sahn, College Professor, Lycoming Unitarian-Universalist Congregation, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania
Ms. Claire Wcislo, SEIU Local 668, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Ms. Marianne E Logue, Treasurer, Upper Darby Democratic Committee, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania
Ms. Diana L Ames, Director, PA Coalition to End Homelessness, Erie, Pennsylvania
Mr. Gregory S. Kovalick, Pennsylvania Social Services Union (PSSU) member*, Harisburg, Pennsylvania
Mr. Tom M Herman, Business Agent, SEIU Local 668, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Borough Council Member Jean Davis, Edinboro Council, Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Mrs. Corrine H Egan, President, Temple Anshe Hesed*, Erie, Pennsylvania
Ms. Sharon Ward, Director, Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Rev. Sandra L. Strauss, Director of Public Advocacy, Pennsylvania Council of Churches*, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Ms. Carol Goertzel, President/CEO, PathWays PA, Holmes, Pennsylvania
Dr. Stephen R Keister, M.D., Physicians For A National Health Program, Erie, Pennsylvania
Ms. Eileen Connelly, Executive Director, SEIU State Council, Pennsylvania
Mr. Joel R Levin, SEIU 668, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mr. John Dodds, Executive Director, Philadelphia Unemployment Project, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mr. Alfredo B. Calderon, CEO, ASPIRA Inc. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ms. Patricia L De Carlo, Executive Director, Norris Square Civic Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rev. William G Erat, Exec VP, Community Servs, Liberty Lutheran Service, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mr. Robert Sigmond, Council Member, Elected member of the Resident Council, the Watermark Retirement Community, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ms. Teresa A Mansell, Program Director, Childspace CDI*, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ms. JoAnne Fischer, Executive Director, Maternity Care Coalition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ms. Melissa Weiler Gerber, Executive Director, WOMEN’S WAY, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rev. Paul L Lubold, Pastor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rev. Bruce A. Gascoine, Pastor, Social Justice Team of St. Paul’s U.M. Church*, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mr. Dave Ramsey, SEIU Local 668*, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ms. Beth Heeb, Executive Director, Consumer Health Coalition, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mr. John Meyerson, Chair, South East PA Area Labor Federation*, Plymouth Mtg, Pennsylvania
Mr. Wendell W Young IV, President, UFCW 1776, Plymouth Mtg, Pennsylvania
Mr. Gary Paul Ribovic, Activist, Veterans For Equal Justice*, Wilcox, Pennsylvania
Rev. Marjorie H Keiter, The Reverend Doctor, St. John the Evangelist Lutheran Church, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Health Access Network, Pennsylvania
Mr. James P. Testerman, President, Pennsylvania State Education Association, Pennsylvania
Mr. Roan J Confer Jr, Esquire, Confer Law Office, Pennsylvania
Rev. Amy E. Reumann, Director, Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Ms. Susan Lyons, Director of Special Education, Coventry Schools, Coventry, Rhode Island

Rhode Island
Mr. Mark E. Reynolds, CEO, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island*, Providence, Rhode Island
Mr. Stan Israel, President, SEIU Rhode Island State Council, Providence, Rhode Island
Ms. Julie Davids, Co-Director, Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP), Providence, Rhode Island
Ms. Dee Henry, Family Service Coordinator, Woonsocket Head Start Child Development Association, Inc., Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Ms. Claire Perretta, President, Rhode Island Public Health Association, Rhode Island
Mr. Tom Sgouros, Rhode Island Policy Reporter, Rhode Island
Mr. Benedict F Lessing, Jr, MSW, Executive Director, Family Resources Community Action, Rhode Island
Ms. Barbara McCrae, Volunteer Advocate for People with disabilities, Rhode Island
Ms. Doreen McConaghy, PAL, Rhode Island
Mr. Neil Corkery, Executive Director, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Association of Rhode Island, Rhode Island
Mr. Ian Knowles, Director, Rhode Island Communities for Addiction Recovery Efforts, Rhode Island
Mr. Rick Harris, Executive Director, National Association of Social Workers, RI Chapter, Rhode Island
Mr. Pat Beauchemin, Rhode Island Coalition of School Social Workers, Rhode Island
Mr. Matthew Cox, Executive Director, Rhode Island Parent Information Network, Rhode Island
Ms. Amy Black, Director, HealthRight, Rhode Island
Ms. Linda N Ward, Executive Director, Opportunities Unlimited, Inc., Rhode Island
Ms. Vivian Weisman, Executive Director, Mental Health Association of Rhode Island, Rhode Island
Ms. Cathy Ciano, Executive Director, Parent Support Network of Rhode Island, Rhode Island
Mr. Peter Asen, Executive Director, Ocean State Action, Rhode Island
Ms. Elizabeth Burke Bryant, Executive Director, RI KIDS COUNT, Rhode Island
Ms. Kate Brewster, Executive Director, The Poverty Institute, Rhode Island
Ms. Elizabeth Earls, Executive Director, Rhode Island Council of Community Mental Health Organizations, Rhode Island
Mr. Chris Gadbois, Chair, Rhode Island Development Disabilities Nurses Association, Rhode Island
Ms. Donna Policastro, Executive Director, Rhode Island State Nurses Association, Rhode Island
Mr. Steve DeToy, Director, Government and Public Affairs, The Rhode Island Medical Society, Rhode Island
Mr. Ed Quinlan, Executive Director, The Hospital Association of Rhode Island, Rhode Island
Toni Ramirez, President, American Medical Student Association, Brown University Chapter, Rhode Island
Kim McHale, Executive Director, The Rhode Island Academy of Family Physicians, Rhode Island
Dr. Philip A Gruppuso, Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Mol Biol/Cell Biol/Biochem (Research), Associate Dean for Medical Education, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University*, Rhode Island
Dr. Nick Tsiongas, Chair and Past President of the RI Medical Society, HealthRight, Rhode Island
Ms. Maryanne J Harmsen, VP Marketing, Business Development, Landmark Medical Center*, Rhode Island
Mr. Philip M Papoojian, President and COO, Metachem Resins Corporation (Mereco) and DMS, Rhode Island
Mr. Ted Almon, President, CEO, Clafin Company, Rhode Island
Rabbi Peter Stein, President, Rhode Island Board of Rabbis, Rhode Island
Rev. Donald Anderson, Executive Minister, Rhode Island State Council of Churches, Rhode Island
Hon. Rhoda Perry, Chair, Health, Education and Welfare Committee, Rhode Island Senate, Rhode Island
Hon. Elizabeth Roberts, Lieutenant Governor, State of Rhode Island, Rhode Island

South Carolina
Ms. Beverly A.H. Buscemi, Ph .D, P.I.P ARC of Midland, SC*, Anderson, South Carolina
Ms. Carolyn R Smith, Executive Director, Anderson Sunshine House*, Anderson, South Carolina
Ms. Vicki Bourus, Executive Director, South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault*, Columbia, South Carolina
Ms. Francee Levin, Free Thinkers*, Columbia, South Carolina
Mr. Brett Bursey, Bursey, South Carolina Progressive Network, Columbia, South Carolina
Rev. Dr. Neal R Jones, Minister, Rev. Dr. Neal Jones, Columbia, South Carolina
Dr. Barbara Zia, President, League of Women Voters of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina
Ms. Cassandra Barber, Board of Directors, SC Fair Share, Columbia, South Carolina
Mr. Matthew W. Costello, Executive Director, South Carolina Fair Share*, Columbia, South Carolina
Mr. Ernie Tate, National Multiple Sclerosis Society*, Columbia, South Carolina
Mrs. Sue Berkowitz, Director, South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center*, Columbia, South Carolina
Mr. Frank Knapp, President & CEO, South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Comlumbia, South Carolina
Efia Nwangaza, Director, Malcolm X Center for Self Determination, Greenville, South Carolina
Mr. Roger Finch, Vice President, SC Alliance for Retired Americans, Greenville, SC, South Carolina
Ms. Karen D Alen, Body of Christ, Hartsville, South Carolina
Ms. Alicia E Benton, Administrative Associate, Sea Island Home Health*, Johns Island, South Carolina
Ms. Carole A Benson, Chair, East Cooper Democrats*, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina
Ms. Mary Keenan, President, RHFACTOR*, Rock Hill, South Carolina
Ms. Juanita Jackson, Timmonsville Branch of the NAACP*, Timmonsville, South Carolina
Mrs. Margaret M Bluestein, Esquire, Bluestein, Nichols, Thompson & Delgado, LLC, South Carolina
Mr. Charles William Noble, Outreach Coordinator, Eau Claire, South Carolina
Ms. Colleen C Bozard, Owner/President, CC Bozard Consulting, South Carolina

South Dakota
South Dakotans for Health Care Solutions

Dr. Veronica T Mallett, Professor and UT Medical Grp Chair Excellence, THCN, Germantown, Tennessee
Rev. Marcia C Free, Minister, Church of the Savior, United Church of Christ*, Knoxville, Tennessee
Ms. Gaye Evans, Executive Director, Appalachian Community Fund, Knoxville, Tennessee
Mr. Matthew W Brown, Organizer, SEIU local 205*, Memphis, Tennessee
Rev. Rebekah Gienapp, Executive Director, Workers Interfaith Network, Memphis, Tennessee
Jean Handley, Turning Point Partners, Memphis, Tennessee
Mr. Jacob Flowers, Executive Director, Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, Memphis, Tennessee
Ms.Teresa Davidson, National Kidney Foundation of Middle TN, Nashville, Tennessee
Mr. Tony Garr, Executive Director, Tennessee Health Care Campaign*, Nashville, Tennessee
Ms. Sita M Diehl, NAMI Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee
Mr. Gordon Bonnyman, Executive Director, Tennessee Justice Center, Nashville, Tennessee
Mr. Keith Caldwell, Executive Director, Urban Epicenter, Nashville, Tennessee
Mr. Tom Peters, Executive Director, Tennessee Citizen Action*, Nashville, Tennessee
Mr. Tom Hopton, ED, Center for Independent Living of Middle Tennessee*, Nashville, Tennessee
Ms. Michele Johnson, Managing Attorney, Tennessee Justice Center, Nashville, Tennessee
Change that Works Tennessee

Ms. Sandy Lutz, Tarrant County CHIP Coalition*, Arlington, Texas

Ms. Ana Yanez-Correa, Executive Director, Texas Criminal Justice Coalition*, Austin, Texas
Hon. Elliott Naishtat, Texas State Representative District 49, State Representative Elliott Naishtat, Austin, Texas
Hon. Dawnna Dukes, Texas State Representative District 46, State Representative Dawnna Dukes, Austin, Texas
Ms. Anne Dunkelberg, Associate Director, Center for Public Policy Priorities*, Austin, Texas
Hon. Eddie Rodriguez, Texas State Representative District 51, State Representative Eddie Rodriguez, Austin, Texas
Ms. Belinda Carlton, Public Policy Specialist, Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, Austin, Texas
Hon. Randi Shade, Council Member Place 3, City Council Member, Austin, Texas
Ms. Patty Quinzi, Legislative Counsel, Texas AFT*, Austin, Texas
Ms. Rita Haecker, President, Texas State Teachers Association*, Austin, Texas
Ms. Bee Moorhead, Executive Director, Texas Impact*, Austin, Texas
Ms. Eileen Garcia-Matthews, Executive Director, Texans Care for Children*, Austin, Texas
Ms. Melissa Cubria, Advocate, TexPIRG, Austin, Texas
Mr. John A. Guest, President/CEO, Teaching Hospitals of Texas, Austin, Texas
Ms. Kathleen Shaw, Kathleen Shaw for Texas Senate, Cedar Hill, Texas
Ms. Gwen Lummus, Dallas Area Interfaith*, Dallas, Texas
Ms. Marlene Cohen, National Council of Jewish Women Texas State Public Affairs*, Dallas, Texas
Rev. Robert L Lewis, Board President, National Institute of Business and Industrial Chaplains*, Houston, Texas
Bishop Diana C Dale, Presiding Bishop, The Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church*, Houston, Texas
Ms. Laurie Glaze, Executive Director, One Voice Texas*, Houston, Texas
Ms. Connie Foo, Health Action Now Network*, Houston, Texas
Hon. Ellen Cohen, Texas State Representative District 134, State Representative Ellen Cohen, Houston, Texas
Hon. Rodney Ellis, Texas State Senator District 13, State Senator Rodney Ellis, Houston, Texas
Hon. Armando Walle, Texas State Representative District 140, State Representative Armando Walle, Houston, Texas
Mr. Randall K. Ellis, Senior Director of Government Relations, Legacy Community Health Services*, Houston, Texas
Dr. Ronald R Cookston, Executive Director, Gateway to Care*, Houston, Texas
Dr. Lane H. Powell, Chair, Fellowship for Peace and Justice*, Lubbock, Texas
Hon. Dora Olivo, Texas State Representative District 27, State Representative Dora Olivo, Missouri City, Texas
Mr. Eric Cooper, Executive Director, San Antonio Food Bank*, San Antonio, Texas
Ms. Jill Rips, Deputy Executive Director, San Antonio AIDS Foundation*, San Antonio, Texas
Hon. Leticia Van de Putte, Texas State Senator District 26, State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, San Antonio, Texas
Armen Babajanian, VP of External Communications, Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas*, San Antonio, Texas
Mr. Juan Flores, President, La Fe Policy Research and Education Center*, San Antonio, Texas
Ms. Josephine Garza, Executive Director, National Latino Children’s Institute*, San Antonio, Texas

Ms. Marcia Tendick, Board of Directors President, Moab Valley Multicultural Center*, Moab, Utah
Ms. Carol Garner, Acme Book Works*, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ms. Heather Tritten, Executive Director, Community Action Partnership of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ms. Judi Hilman, Executive Director, Utah Health Policy Project, Salt Lake City, Utah
Dr. Ellie Brownstein, MD, Ellie Brownstein, MD, Salt Lake City, Utah
Mrs. Sheila Walsh-McDonald, Health Care Advocate, Salt Lake Community Action Program*, Salt Lake City, Utah
Mr. Forrest S. Cuch, Director, Division of Indian Affairs*, Utah
Ms. Linda F Smith, Professor and Clinical Program Director, S. J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah, Utah
Ms. Joyce Dolcourt, Vice Chair, Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities, Utah
Mr. Dennis Moser, President, Rural Health Association, Utah
Ms. Nancy Melling, Co-President, League of Women Voters of Utah, Utah

Dr. Beth Ann Maier, Vermont Interfaith Action-PICO, Barre, Vermont
Rev. Catherine H Cooke, The Venerable, Cathedral Church of St.Paul-Episcopal*, Burlington, Vermont
Rev. Michael Brown, Pastor, Christ Church*, Presbyterian, Burlington, Vermont
Vermont Interfaith Action-PICO, Burlington, Vermont
Ms. Nancy Lynch, Executive Director, Peace and Justice Center, Burlington, Vermont
Ms. Trinka Kerr, State Health Care Ombudsman, Office of Health Care Ombudsman, Burlington, Vermont
Mr. Andrew Tripp, Organizer, United Professions of Vermont/AFT, Burlington, Vermont
Ms. Julie B Pierson, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Burlington, Vermont
Rev. David J Larcombe, Christ Church*, Montpelier, Vermont
Mr. Peter Sterling, Executive Director, Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security, Montpelier, Vermont
Ms. Sheila E. Reed, Legislative and Community Advocacy Coordinator, Voices for Vermont’s Children, Montpelier, Vermont
Mr. Brian Prendergast, Vermont Interfaith Action-PICO, Montpelier, Vermont
Ms. Liz Burroughs, State Coordinater, Virginia Main Street Alliance*, Richmond, Vermont
Ms. Katherine Van Woert, Vermont Family Network/ Family Voices of Vermont, Shelburne, Vermont

Ms. Jennifer D Lawson, Executive Director, Virginia Civic Engagement Table*, Alexandria, Virginia
Dr. Kathleen Clanon, Coalition Co-Chair, Ryan White Medical Providers Coalition, Arlington, Virginia
Andrea, Weddle Executive Director, HIV Medicine Association, Arlington, Virginia
Ms. Andrea Weddle, Executive Director, HIV Medicine Association, Arlington, Virginia
Rev. Dr. Jerrold L Foltz, Pastor Emeritus, United Church of Christ*, Centreville, Virginia
Ms. Janice “Jay” Johnson, Chairperson, Virginia Organizing Project, Charlottesville, Virginia
Rev. Rodney M Hunter, Pastor, Wesley Memorial United Methodist Chuch, Richmond, Virginia
Dr. Leela p Kriplani, MD,MPH, Virginia Interfaith Center, Richmond, Virginia
Mrs. Jill A. Hanken, Staff Attorney, Virginia Poverty Law Center, Richmond, Virginia
Mr. Michael Cassidy, Executive Director, The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, Richmond, Virginia
Change that Works Virginia

Pastor James David Patten, Pastor, Pastor Newport Presbyterian Church*, Bellevue, Washington
Ms. Monica L Peabody, Executive Director, Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights, Olympia, Washington
Ms. Kim Cook, President, SEIU Local 925*, Seattle, Washington
Mr. Will Pittz, Executive Director, Washington Community Action Network*, Seattle, Washington
Mr. Will H. Parry, Member, Executive Board, Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans, Seattle, Washington
Ms. Edyth C. Koch, Treasurer, Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans*, Seattle, Washington
Ms. Blishda E Lacet, Program Director, Seattle & King County REACH Coalition*, Seattle, Washington
Mr. Tony Lee, Advocacy Director, Solid Ground, Seattle, Washington
Dr. Allan I Michaels, Communications, Seattle Jewish Seniors, Seattle, Washington
Mr. Rodolfo Franco, President, WFSE Local 304, Seattle, Washington
Mr. Newton L. Simmons, Manager, Simmons Consulting*, Seattle, Washington
Mr. Robby Stern, President, Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans, Seattle, Washington
Ms. Louise Chernin, President, Greater Seattle Business Association, Seattle, Washington
Ms. Rachel Berkson, Executive Director, SEIU WA State Council, Seattle, Washington
Ms. Janet Varon, Executive Director, Northwest Health Law Advocates, Seattle, Washington
Dr. Julian C Perez, MD, Sea Mar Community Health Centers*, Seattle, Washington
Ms. Alice M Woldt, Executive Director, Washington Association of Churches, Seattle, Washington
Mr. John M Denooyer, Proprietor, Mega Dutch Web Design*, Seattle, Washington
Mr. J. Allen Hobart, President, Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28*, Tukwila, Washington
Ms. Kate A Hunter, Chairwoman, Vashon Islanders for Peace, Vashon Island, Washington
Ms. Teresa Mosqueda, Advocacy and Legislative Relations, Children’s Alliance, Washington
Ms. Beverly Spears, Director, Statewide Poverty Action Network, Washington
Mr. Tony Lee, Director, Solid Ground, Washington
LeeAnn Hall, Executive Director, Northwest Federation of Community Organizations
Ms. Sandra Schroeder, President, AFT Washington
Community Organizations in Action, Washington
Citizen Action of Wisconsin

West Virginia
Mr. Perry K Bryant, Executive Director, West Virginians for Affordable Health Care, Charleston, West Virginia
West Virginia Citizen Action Group


Maynard Beemer, ESTHER President, ESTHER of WISDOM/Gamaliel, Appleton, Wisconsin
Lynn Breedlove, Disability Rights Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
Mr. Billy Feitlinger, Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans, Madison, Wisconsin
Rev. Rob and Wendy MacDougall, Pastor, Menomonie, Wisconsin
Mr. Tom Frazier, Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dr. Robert A Kraig, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Rev. Rolf Morck, Pastor, Central Lutheran Church*, Mondovi, Wisconsin


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Comment from Touch Up Kit
Time January 29, 2010 at 2:22 am

I’ve been looking for this precise info on this subject for a long time.

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Comment from Stefanie
Time June 16, 2013 at 5:20 am

Aha! Seems believable

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