#99TaxDay: Tax Dodgers Come Out To “Play” in Syracuse

by Kate Thomas

The rich corporations in America just couldn’t do what they do without you. After all, middle class working Americans pay taxes so they don’t have to!

SEIU Local 200 United members protested corporate tax rates with a “Tax Dodger Dodgeball” game earlier today at Clinton Square in downtown Syracuse.

Syracuse1.jpg  Syracuse2.jpg

Their street theater game was intended to draw attention to the fact that some of our country’s largest and wealthiest corporations pay little or no federal taxes.

Video from Your News Now (YNN) Syracuse here.

Visit SEIU.org’s live blog for more updates, photos and video from #99TaxDay actions in cities and states across the country.

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#99TaxDay: Tax Dodgers Come Out To “Play” in Syracuse

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on Tuesday, Apr 17, 2012.

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