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Ace Pension Settlement LLC

Cash For Pensions

Ace Pension Settlement LLC is a national funding company that can provide you with lump sum payments from your pension fund.

Have you been turned down by your Bank, Mortgage Co. and your credit lines are maxed out?

I provide alternative cash solutions. If you are currently receiving monthly payments from a pension, structure settlement, royalty, or a fixed annuity, call me today, I can help you and provide you with a lump sum of cash.

Many hard working Americans are finding themselves strapped for cash we have the solution for you.

Did you know you can get an advance on your pension? Now let it work for you.

Even if you are retired with bad credit we can help you.

There is no reason to wait any longer.

Give us a call and get the cash you need now.

We are backed by many Financial Institutions to help you. No Bull...

Give us a call get the cash you need now. We are the people that care!!!

Alan Saline

(856) 986-3987

Comments (16)

Said this on 7-20-2009 At 03:20 am
i need my money
scott p leahy
Said this on 8-20-2009 At 01:03 pm
i would like to cash out my penshon
wesley derouen
Said this on 5-14-2010 At 02:00 am

can i cash out my pension had 10 years with lee way motor freight in dallas texas im in a ill way now

Said this on 5-19-2010 At 05:12 am

need know how nuch i can get

Richard A.Jordan
Said this on 8-28-2009 At 05:14 pm


mark zollinger
Said this on 9-6-2009 At 10:28 am

i would like to know how much is in my annuity plan. i have yet to recieve a statment for 2008 or 2009.

v j nicholas 3rd
Said this on 9-18-2009 At 01:47 pm

i two would like to know the amount in my annnity plan? (local 728)  V.J.Nicholas 3rd                     

roger braun
Said this on 9-25-2009 At 10:28 am

I was wondering if i have any money that may be coming to me from the union?

Said this on 10-3-2009 At 12:13 pm

was a member in 1987 i want to get my money out memer # 2895267

Harold Westberg
Said this on 12-29-2009 At 01:19 am

     I have thirteen (13) years vested in the union pension.. I need to know how to go about receiving my money. Any information or forms would be greatly appreciated.

                               Thank You

                                            Harold Westberg


   I believe the years were approximately 1972 - 1985.




Herman Nesbitt Sr
Said this on 1-11-2010 At 08:15 pm

I would like to know how do I go about getting my money out of the union pension.  Any information or forms please let me know. I have been a member since 1973.

Thank you

Herman Nesbitt Sr

Said this on 1-17-2010 At 11:41 am

i left the union in the late 80's in tampa,fl,  when joe fernadez was business manager and george wallace was my business agent, i paiod into the fund for 17 years, and am now 62 years old and 100% disabled, how do i go about getting my retirement.  i was a member of local 1, in tampa.   i now live in billings montana, please help me.

bryan young
Said this on 9-26-2010 At 11:59 am

i need my pension money. i was told that once it gets over 5000 i cant get it. please help

Janet Smith
Said this on 2-17-2011 At 02:47 pm

I am told I can't take the lump sum of the 5 yr widow's pension I am receiving. My husband didn't realize that this would happen if he died. Now I need the lump sum to survive.  HELP!!!

Henry Malek
Said this on 8-19-2012 At 08:05 am

My name is Henry M Malek with Teamster Local 754.  I was a member from 8/26/1974 till 2001, 2002.  I worked for Borden Dairy, Wanzer Dairy, Country Delight Dairy and Swiss Valley Dairy.  I am at the age where my pension is needed soon and I can't get an answer as to where to collect it or who to talk to.

This is my third attempt.  Pls contact me as soon as possible.


Henry M Malek

Daniel Ward
Said this on 8-21-2012 At 05:37 pm


i am receiving 165.00 a month for the next 15 years from my pension.Is there anyone who can help me get a percentage of that now.

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